Semester at Sea — Spring ’23

From January through April 2023, we are voyaging with Semester at Sea from the Global South to the Global North, from the sweltering Indian Ocean to the frigid North Sea, from East to West, across monsoons and savannas and deserts and forests and seas great and small. We’re sharing our voyage with 600 or so of our new best friends: college students, staculty, lifelong learners from all over the world. Scott is serving as Global Studies Director, leading the team that sets the academic narrative for our voyage. Jennifer is working this voyage too, as Administrative Assistant for Program Support.

Leaving home on December 28, we’ll fly across 11 time zones to Dubai to meet the MV World Odyssey. We’ll embark on January 2 for staculty orientation. Students embark on January 5 and then we immediately sail for India!

We plan to blog the whole voyage here, so bookmark this page and look for our posts in the months to come!

8 thoughts on “Semester at Sea — Spring ’23”

  1. The traveling Denning/Crane duet are off on another world adventure! I’m so excited for you both and am looking forward to ‘being there’s with you through your blog!
    Bon Voyage dear ones! 🚢🌅

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